Episode 51: Games to Teach Children

Brian and Melissa list some games that will teach children (or anyone!) some important skills.

Expand for show notes. Spoilers!


  1. Witness (memory)
  2. Dutch Blitz (fast thinking, reflexes)
  3. Balderdash (creativity)
  4. The Resistance (bluffing)
  5. FUSE (clear thinking under pressure)
  6. Pastiche (art history)
  7. Terror in Meeple City (aim, dexterity, good sportsmanship)
  8. Founding Fathers (legislative process)
  9. Freedom: The Underground Railroad (history)
  10. Caverna: The Cave Farmers (long-term strategy and planning, adjusting plans when they get ruined)


  1. Robot Turtles (logic, basic programming)
  2. Ball Tag (how to throw a ball, hand-eye coördination, tactics)</a>
  3. But Wait There’s More! (speaking, improvisation, creativity)
  4. Balderdash (creative writing)
  5. America (geography)
  6. Timeline (history)
  7. Sleuth (deduction)
  8. Zendo (induction)
  9. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (communication, cooperation, following instructions)
  10. Power Grid (using money to make money, spending carefully, planning ahead)

Let us know what you would put on your list! Comment below or email us at tto@koser.us

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