Episode 20: Fictional Creatures

Brian and Melissa are joined by Brian’s brother Luke as they discuss their favorite fictional creatures.

Expand for show notes. Spoilers!


  1. Phoenix
  2. Darkings (Immortals series, Tamora Pierce)
  3. Hippogriffs
  4. Ents/Dryads (Lord of the Rings/myth)
  5. Zoras/Merpeople (The Legend of Zelda/myth)
  6. Jinn
  7. Weeping Angels
  8. Fairies (Peter Pan, Artemis Fowl, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell)
  9. Dragons
  10. Gargoyles (Gargoyles)


  1. Drop Bears
  2. Chupacabras
  3. Tribbles (Star Trek)
  4. Kraken
  5. Rat Creatures (Bone)
  6. Winged Horses
  7. Jackalopes
  8. Centaurs
  9. Sandworms (Dune)
  10. Platypus Bears (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


  1. J’Ba Fofi
  2. Winged Horses
  3. Werewolves
  4. Orcs (Lord of the Rings)
  5. Centaurs
  6. Dino Cryptids (Mokèlé-mbèmbé, etc.)
  7. Sea Serpents
  8. Gryphons
  9. Minotaurs
  10. Dragons


“Release the Kraken!” (0:28)

“The Kraken”, Alfred Lord Tennyson

Let us know what you would put on your list! Comment below or email us at tto@koser.us

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