Episode 32: Moral Dilemmas

Brian submits ten moral dilemmas to Melissa.

Expand for show notes. Spoilers!
  1. The Trolley Problem
  2. The Fat Man
  3. The Loop Variant
  4. Transplant
  5. The Mad Bomber (Is torture ever morally justified?)
  6. The Tunnel Problem
  7. Concentration Camp
  8. Price of a Life (How much is a human life worth? Milton Friedman gives his opinion on this real-life scenario.
  9. The Violinist
  10. The Neighbor (Is it just to let someone be punished for a crime they didn't commit, if they escaped punishment for a previous crime?)


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Raped women who had their babies defy pro-choice stereotypes

The Tick - The Evil Midnight Bomber

Dark Stories (also called Black Stories)

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