1. Mother and homemaker.
  2. Hobbies include reading, board games, cooking, and the occasional short-lived craft.
  3. I play the piano, accordion, percussion; want to learn harp.
  4. I aspire to be a writer and a masseuse, but mostly a writer.
  5. I wrote some things here
  6. It's been one of those lives.
  7. My hair changes between blonde, brown, and red with sun and age.
  8. I would exercise, but it's just too darn tiring.
  9. I wish coffee-scented soap tasted more like coffee.
  10. Until 2011, I had no favorite color. Brian made me pick one.
  11. Favorite episode: № 57 Jokes
  12. Favorite song: Chicken to Ride by The Beatles


  1. I'm compelled to rank everything. And I like to talk.
  2. Professional software developer. I build websites professionally and as a hobby.
  3. Other hobbies include reading and playing modern board games.
  4. Personal website
  5. Tracked every book that I've read since I was 8.
  6. If I ever go on the run in Mexico, my alias will be "Jorge Curioso".
  7. Favorite episode: № 64 Great Songs
  8. Favorite color: teal
  9. Favorite punctuation mark: ?
  10. Favorite emoji: ⚗️