№ 175 Films 2023

· Brian and Melissa compare their favorite films they saw for the first time last year, 2023.

№ 174 Books 2023

· Brian and Melissa share their favorite reads and re-reads of 2023.

№ 173 Goals 2024

· Not quite New Year's resolutions, but Brian and Melissa discuss plans for the new year, the year of our Lord 2024.

№ 170 We Affirm One Baptism FEAT Matt Koser

· Brian is rejoined by his brother Matt for a discussion of baptism: credo or paedo? What does baptism do? What constitutes a valid baptism? No questions are answered, but a rousing time was, again, had.

№ 169 Why Charlotte Mason

· Brian attempts to explain Charlotte Mason's 20 principles that undergird her philosophy of education.

№ 166 Are AI Alarmists Right?

· Brian and Melissa discuss the present capabilities and future possibilities of ChatGPT and its artificial "intelligence" brethren, and how alarmists may be wrong with their predictions but right with their warnings.

№ 165 Book Reviews: Poetics and Sourcery

· For the first time in recorded history, Aristotle's Poetics and Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel Sourcery are reviewed in a single podcast episode.

№ 159 Books 2022

· Another year of books! Brian and Melissa share their top tens and bottom ones from 2022.

№ 158 Films 2022

· Melissa and Brian discuss their favorite first-time-viewing films of 2022. Brian is now pretentious and calls them films instead of movies. Melissa has an unbelievable list; number 2 will shock you!

№ 155 Potty Training

· Melissa's ten best tips for potty training your little tyke. Recorded on Maundy Thursday, but not posted until Easter because of a kidney stone attack! Pray Melissa passes it soon.

№ 154 Movies 2021

· Only one-third of the way through 2022 before we talk movies we saw in 2021! That's okay, we talked about most of these in November after we did our scary movie list. You can probably skip this one, to be honest. Unless you want to hear Brian's theory on how No Country for Old Men is a hopeful movie.

№ 152 Books 2021

· We didn't read 100, but we did read some books in 2021. Here are our favorites and least favorites.

№ 151 100 Movies 2022 Planning

· This year, Melissa and Brian are going to watch or rewatch 100 films, leading up to a top 10 films of all time list in 2023.

№ 149 Muppet Movies

· Brian and Melissa watched all the Muppet movies in 2021. What is the best Muppet movie, and more importantly, which is the worst?

№ 147 Scary Movies 2021

· Brian and Melissa and almost-regulars-at-this-point Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono rank the Halloween movies the Kosers watched in October.

№ 146 Dune Movie Review

· Brian and Melissa and guest Clint discuss the movie Dune, from the perspective of a book reader and a non-book reader.

№ 145 Horror Plans 2021

· Melissa and Brian make a list live! I mean, you're listening to a recording, but we recorded it live. We didn't make the list ahead of time, is what I'm saying. No, it was on purpose, not a lack of planning. Jeez. It's scary movies we're going to watch in October.

№ 144 Goodbye, Mobile

· We're moving! The audio quality is terrible, so if you want to skip this one: we're moving to Huntsville, Alabama at the end of June. For the fresh start, adventure, challenge, more moderate climate, more outdoor activities, etc. We're super busy now but will probably be podcasting again in August.

№ 143 SILOW Volume I: Books

· Brian introduces a new series: Stuff I Learned on Wikipedia. Which article related to books is the most interesting? Is the answer, "None of them"?

№ 142 Dr. Seuss Books

· Melissa and Brian share their favorite Dr. Seuss books. How many of Seuss's Sinful Six made it onto their lists?!

№ 140 Children's Book Culling 2021

· Listen in while Melissa and Brian decide which of their children's books they can discard. Don't tell Lydia, Amber, or Penny.

№ 138 Love Songs

· Brian and Melissa share their favorite love songs. Their lists are set and never change.

№ 137 Movies 2020

· Brian and Melissa cobble together a top 10 list of movies they saw in 2020. Let's just say book year didn't leave much time for watching good movies.

№ 136 Books 2020

· Brian and Melissa put a bow on Book Year by sharing their favorite books that were new reads in 2020.

№ 134 Wheel of Time: The Big White Book

· We continue the Wheel of Time series with Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono on The Sci-Fi Christian podcast, discussing "The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time", aka "The Big White Book".

№ 131 Cereals: Revisited

· The first cereals episode is justifiably a classic, but this time we're doing it right. Lots of research went into this one, but don't worry; there are still a lot of incorrect choices.

№ 130 Mobile Sushi Restaurants

· Do you live in Mobile, Alabama and need sushi restaurant recommendations? No? Probably skip this one then.

№ 129 Cheeses

· Melissa finally hosted a cheese party. Brian got a new favorite cheese.

№ 128 Conspiracy Theories (Part 2)

· Brian and Melissa wrap up the conspiracy theory discussion. Melissa reveals the theory she believed until this year and Brian reveals the one theory he believes.

№ 127 Conspiracy Theories (Part 1)

· Melissa and Brian discuss conspiracy theories in general, and start the list of their favorites. Part 2 will follow in a couple week, unless they get to us.

№ 123 Pet Names

· No, not cute names for each other: the best names to give a pet. Or a working animal. Or a plant. Or anything, really, who knows what will show up on this list.

№ 119 Movies 2019

· Melissa and Brian share their favorite and least favorite movies they first viewed in 2019.

№ 118 372 Adventure

· Brian selfishly recorded a podcast for himself and Melissa. And Ben De Bono of The Sci-Fi Christian. And maybe Matt Anderson of The Sci-Fi Christian. Only for fans of the podcast 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back, anyway.

№ 117 Books 2019

· Melissa and Brian discuss their favorite books read from 2019. And their least favorite.

№ 112 Sleep Training Tips

· Melissa gives 10 tips for mothers trying to train their children to sleep through the night.

№ 111 Actors: Revisited

· For the first time, Brian and Melissa revisit a topic. And they did it with returning guest Megan Hutt, and first-time guest Josh Hutt! Listen as they discuss their favorite actors. How much did Brian and Melissa's list change? It's a mega-sized episode after the unplanned summer hiatus.

№ 110 Candy Bars

· After some grueling research, Melissa and Brian are joined again by Tim Binzel to discuss their favorite candy bars.

№ 109 Movies Pre-1960

· Teaching Facebook a lesson! The ethics of whistling at work! The moon landing! Oh, and our favorite movies released before 1960. Just some of the topics Brian and Melissa discuss with Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono, hosts of The Sci-Fi Christian podcast.

№ 108 Animated Shows

· Melissa and Brian are joined by their first returning guest, Zach Koser, to talk about their favorite animated TV shows. Yay cartoons!

№ 107 Rapsters

· Brian and Melissa recently got into rapster music. They each list their ten favorite rapsters.

№ 106 Studio C Videos

· Melissa and Brian list their favorite videos from the sketch comedy group Studio C.

№ 105 Board Games Addendum 2019

· Brian and Melissa wrap up the board game talk by running through the games they played on the cruise and explaining why certain games fell off their top 10 lists.

№ 104 Board Games 2018

· Special guests Joe and Heather Wiggins join to discuss their favorite board games of all time. That's forty board games, plus honorable mentions, crammed into our longest episode yet!

№ 103 Books 2018

· Brian and Melissa discuss the books they read in 2018 in this super-size episode: the best, the worst, and plenty of stats. Plus feedback from Megan and Joshua!

№ 102 Movies 2018

· Melissa and Brian run through all the movies they saw in 2018. Hear about the best and the worst!

№ 100 Ten to One Episodes

· Melissa and Brian celebrate themselves! For the 100th episode they take a look back at all the episodes that came before, covering the best and worst of the past two and a half years.

№ 98 Christmas Songs

· Melissa and Brian share their favorite Christmas songs, just in time for the holidays.

№ 96 TV Show Intros

· Brian and Melissa list their ten favorite TV show intros. Both theme songs and visuals are considered.

№ 95 Pregnancy and Post-Partum Advice

· Melissa gives words of wisdom for pregnancy and post-partum mothers. Brian shares president trivia and plays Guess That Medication.

№ 94 Comedy Movies

· Melissa and Brian share the movies they find funniest.

№ 90 Guilty Pleasures

· Melissa and Brian list the low-quality movies, TV shows, songs, comics, games, websites, and foods that they enjoy.

№ 89 Brand Names

· Melissa and Brian give the brand name products they prefer over other brands or generic.

№ 87 Fantasy Football 2018

· On the day the Eagles start off the 2018 NFL season, Brian talks up 10 players that excite him for fantasy football.

№ 86 Earworms

· Brian and Melissa try to get as many songs stuck in your head as possible!

№ 85 Baby Essentials

· Melissa lists her essentials items to own for parents. Brian nods along.

№ 84 Skills

· Brian and Melissa finish the trilogy they started with Accomplishments and Experiences by listing the skills they want to download to their brains.

№ 83 Frozen Pizzas

· Melissa and Brian ate a lot of frozen pizzas in order to tell you which are the tastiest and best-priced.

№ 82 Reasons to Read Books

· Brian and Melissa list reasons why you should read books and end with a challenge to the listeners!

№ 81 Frugal Month 2018

· Melissa and Brian decide to be super frugal for the month of July. Listen to them brainstorm on how, then stick around for some listener feedback!

№ 80 Sci-Fi News

· Melissa and Brian check an item off their bucket lists by appearing on The Sci-Fi Christian Episode 657! Check their podcast out at thescifichristian.com.

№ 79 Midwest Road Trip 2018

· Brian and Melissa took an epic road trip through the Midwest, and they brought their microphone! They recorded at ten different locations (shoehorn!) and then endured the editing process to celebrate their most ambitious trip yet.

№ 78 Cartoon Theme Songs

· Melissa and Brian play their favorite cartoon theme songs. How much of a role will nostalgia play?

№ 77 Root Beers

· Brian and Melissa hosted a root beer party. Now they've made a list of their favorite root beers.

№ 76 Doctor Who Series

· Brian and Melissa wrap up Doctor Who Month with a discussion of their favorite series (seasons!) ...series from the show.

№ 75 Doctor Who Moments

· Melissa and Brian continue Doctor Who month by discussing their favorite moments from Doctor Who.

№ 74 Doctor Who Episodes

· Melissa and Brian continue Doctor Who month by sharing their favorite Doctor Who aliens.

№ 70 Comedians

· Brian and Melissa rank their favorite stand-up comedians, and share a joke or two from each.

№ 68 Book Titles

· Brian and Melissa reveal the best (and worst) book titles.

№ 67 Bucket List Foods

· Brian and Melissa list the new foods they are most interested in trying.

№ 66 Proverbs

· Melissa and Brian list their ten favorite proberbs from the biblical book of Proverbs.

№ 64 Great Songs

· Brian and Melissa choose their favorite songs from The Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

№ 63 Board Games 2017

· Brian, Melissa, and special guest Clint Patterson discuss their favorite board games as of the end of 2017.

№ 62 Books 2017

· Melissa and Brian list their favorite (and least favorite) books that they read for the first time in 2017.

№ 61 Movies 2017

· Brian and Melissa list their favorite (and least favorite) movies that they saw for the first time in 2017.

№ 59 Sodas

· Brian and Melissa discuss their favorite brands of soda.

№ 58 Crazy Baby Names

· Melissa and Brian list some crazy baby names they found on BabyNames.com, then reveal the name of their second child!

№ 57 Jokes

· Brian and Melissa are joined by special guests Justin and Charity Tolbert to share their favorite jokes.

№ 56 Pet Peeves

· Melissa and Brian complain about the things that annoy them the most.

№ 55 Time Periods

· Brian and Melissa discuss their favorite historical time periods.

№ 54 Disney Songs

· Melissa and Brian are joined by Melissa’s brother Tim Binzel to discuss their favorite animated Disney movie songs. Melissa says at the beginning, “I’m probably going to get flak for my list.” Tune in to find out how much she gets!

№ 53 Pets

· Brian and Melissa are joined by special guest Micah Bucy to talk about their top ten choices for a pet (if money were no object and they had servants to actually take care of the pet).

№ 47 Bible Verses

· Melissa and Brian list their personal favorite Bible verses.

№ 41 Movie and TV Moments that Made Me Cry

· Melissa talks about ten movie and TV moments that made her cry. Brian talks about ten movie and TV moments that were sad but didn't necessarily make him cry.

№ 40 1000 Books

· Brian met his 1000 book goal, so he discusses the books he's read, highlighting every hundredth book.

№ 39 Sports

· Brian and guest host Matt Koser discuss their favorite sports to play and watch.

№ 38 Grunts

· Brian shares his ten favorite grunts with Melissa and the world.

№ 37 LOST Moments

· Melissa and Brian discuss their favorite moments from the TV show LOST.

№ 36 LOST Episodes

· Brian and Melissa choose their favorite episodes from the TV show LOST.

№ 35 LOST Characters

· Melissa and Brian list their favorite characters from the TV show LOST.

№ 33 Flavor Combos

· Melissa and Brian list their favorite food and flavor combinations.

№ 29 Board Games 2016

· Melissa, Brian, and special guest Jay Champagne discuss their favorite board games as of the end of 2016.

№ 28 Books 2016

· Brian and Melissa discuss their favorite books that they read for the first time in 2016.

№ 27 Movies 2016

· Melissa and Brian discuss their favorite movies that they watched for the first time in 2016.

№ 20 Fictional Creatures

· Brian and Melissa are joined by Brian’s brother Luke as they discuss their favorite fictional creatures.

№ 19 Memories

· Brian and Melissa remember their favorite memories.

№ 18 Hymns

· Melissa and Brian sing their ten favorite Christian hymns.

№ 16 Board Game Names

· Melissa and Brian discuss their favorite board game names. The word “evocative” is used a lot.

№ 14 Animals

· Melissa and Brian list their favorite animals, with fun facts galore.

№ 9 Accomplishments

· Brian and Melissa list ten goals they’d like to accomplish.

№ 8 Actors

· Melissa and Brian discuss which actors work they're most interested in watching.

№ 6 Veggietales Songs

· Melissa and Brian tell (and maybe sing a little of) their favorite Veggietales songs.

№ 4 Villains

· Melissa and Brian discuss the ten villains they love to hate (or just plain hate).

№ 3 Podcasts

· Brian and Melissa talk through their top ten podcasts.

№ 2 Musicals

· Melissa and Brian each pick their top ten movie musicals.

№ 1 Lamest Superheroes

· This week Brian and Melissa each invent ten lame superheroes with lame superpowers. These characters would be right at home on The Tick or Mystery Men.