№ 49 Things Every Human Should Do

Melissa and Brian discuss what they think every human should do (yes, it’s very broad).

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  1. Spend time with family
  2. Travel outside your country
  3. Participate in art (probably music)
  4. Read literature
  5. Prioritize experiences over possessions
  6. Give the benefit of the doubt
  7. Listen to others
  8. Improve yourself
  9. Improve your surroundings (subsidiarity)
  10. Consider the metaphysical


  1. Have memory-making place, and record memories
  2. Live in college-type experience for at least a year
  3. Be aware of their body
  4. Be responsible
  5. Throw trash in trash bins
  6. Ride on a galloping horse
  7. Play (good!) board games
  8. Read at least 10 books a year
  9. Stand behind a waterfall
  10. Know where you'll spend eternity