№ 48 Fictional World Characteristics

Brian and Melissa talk about what things hook them into the world of a story.

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  1. Secret identities
  2. Parallel dimensions
  3. Historical events with fantastical twist
  4. Young nobody saves the world
  5. Ordinary practices have extraordinary results
  6. Fantasy tropes are reversed
  7. Terrifying monsters and beautiful creations
  8. Magic
  9. Ancient devices and lost civilizations
  10. Fairies, dragons, and unicorns


  1. Living things that are inanimate in our world
  2. Isolated community
  3. Immortality
  4. Somewhere I want to visit
  5. Feels like there’s a history and a larger world outside the story
  6. Anthropomorphic animals
  7. Alternate history/Secret history
  8. Time travel/Anachronisms
  9. Parallel universes
  10. Crossover