№ 21 Bucket List Experiences

Melissa and Brian share the top ten things they’d like to experience.

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  1. Rappel into a cave
  2. Safari
  3. Whitewater rafting
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Hanglide/Parasail/Paraglide
  6. Live on a boat
  7. Self-driving car roadtrip
  8. Relax in a natural hot spring
  9. Get a book signed by one of my favorite authors
  10. Sail on a sailing ship


  1. Go to space
  2. Sail on sailing ship
  3. Dice Tower cruise
  4. Travel by sled dog
  5. Sky diving
  6. White water rafting through Grand Canyon
  7. Play games with Flip the Table
  8. Scuba diving, especially with dolphins
  9. Dance in ballroom
  10. See the Northern Lights