№ 1 Lamest Superheroes

This week Brian and Melissa each invent ten lame superheroes with lame superpowers. These characters would be right at home on The Tick or Mystery Men.

Show Notes (expand)


  1. Colorgirl: can turn her nose any color
  2. Prettyboy: can mind-control his hair
  3. Sir No-See: turns invisible, but only when there is no light
  4. Sunbeam: uncontrollably shots lasers from eyes after slight sunburn
  5. Boing Boing: makes small rubber bouncy balls to attack with
  6. Glubglub: can breathe underwater, but only if it's purified drinking water
  7. The Dripper: superhearing, but only for leaky faucets
  8. Lady Llama: turns into a llama
  9. Pupmaster: can summon puppies to his location
  10. Grim Leaper: leaps tall buildings with single bound when scowling, needs parachute coming down


  1. Pinpoint: Always know his exact location
  2. Manhole: He’s a hole
  3. Earonaut: Complete control over his ears
  4. Pants Eyes: Read anything by sitting on it
  5. The Thumper: Determine if anything is fresh by thumping on it
  6. Tubero: Sense potatoes
  7. Extension: Always gets an extra day for any deadline
  8. X-Hale: Blow indefinitely
  9. Overgeorge: Mind control people named “George”
  10. Payphone: Contact all pay phones mentally