№ 113 Simple Pleasures

Brian and Melissa share their top simple pleasures.

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  1. The minutes before a storm begins
  2. Watching a river flow by
  3. An itch thoroughly scratched
  4. Binging
  5. A massage when you're sore
  6. Snuggles with sleepy children
  7. Perfect weather on a beautiful day
  8. Heat and cold when you most want them. Hot showers (anything warming when you're cold)/Cold water on a hot day (anything cooling when you're hot), or any time you're really thirsty
  9. Feeling sleepy and comfortable on a Saturday morning, with no responsibilities
  10. Laying down on soft bed sheets when you're exhausted


  1. Walking barefoot on a lawn
  2. Peeing in the woods
  3. A warm fire on a cold night (camp fire, fireplace)
  4. Not being in a rush while others around you are
  5. Napping on the beach
  6. Playing with a ball
  7. Reading a book on a rainy day
  8. Fresh socks
  9. Going to bed clean
  10. Waking up, realizing you don't have to be up, and going back to sleep