№ 112 Sleep Training Tips

Melissa gives 10 tips for mothers trying to train their children to sleep through the night.

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  1. Have a schedule and routine
  2. Keep the room dark and the bedtime routine soothing and low-key, calming, comforting
  3. Be sure baby is clean and swaddled before nursing back to sleep
  4. Keep night and day very distinct
  5. Keep baby well fed during the day
  6. Once you start a sleep training routine, stick with it at least four days
  7. If baby wakes up screaming, give them a chance to self-soothe
  8. Track how long baby has been awake and watch for sleepy cues
  9. Don't let daytime naps go over 2½ hours, and don't start them after 5:00, 4:30 if child is older than 9 months.
  10. Introduce a small stuffed animal