№ 19 Memories

Brian and Melissa remember their favorite memories.

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  1. Scoring touchdown in flag football
  2. Catching mini golf ball right in front of Mom’s face
  3. Vacations in Hawaii
  4. Playing football in yard with brother Matt and neighbors
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  7. Playing Dutch Blitz late at night with siblings
  8. Honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN
  9. Johnsons’ wedding
  10. Pitchcar game at Dice Tower Convention


  1. Dad getting me roses for Valentine’s
  2. Honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN
  3. Jumping out from behind door to scare Brian
  4. Vacation with family at Westgate Resort
  5. Camping and road trips with family
  6. Flipping a coin on whether or not to continue hiking
  7. Cosmic Encounter game at Dice Tower Convention
  8. Seeing/hearing Lydia's heartbeat on ultrasound for first time
  9. Laughing at college students finding chocolate milk dispenser empty
  10. Adding “banana” to hymn titles with Brian


  • Philadelphia Eagles fight song, Fly, Eagles Fly
  • Minnesota Vikings fight song, Skol, Vikings (0:25)
  • Pitchcar World Championship 2015 - Dice Tower Convention