№ 89 Brand Names

Melissa and Brian give the brand name products they prefer over other brands or generic.

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  1. HuMn Wallet
  2. Nokia Body+ Body Composition WiFi scale
  3. Acuvue Vita contacts
  4. Pur Gum
  5. Palio ping pong paddle, Xushaofa ping pong balls
  6. IKEA Förnuft flatware
  7. Honda, Hyundai
  8. ExOfficio Give-n-Go underwear
  9. Red Wing Shoes
  10. Sugar: Cereal, Soda, Ice Cream, Candy


  1. Huggies wipes
  2. Jack Daniel's and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
  3. Tostitos Hint of Jalapeño Chips with On The Border Monterey Jack queso
  4. Oxi-clean
  5. Greek Gods and Cabot Greek Yogurt
  6. Breyer's Ice Cream
  7. Best Fitting Panty
  8. Welch's and White House juice
  9. Beech Nut baby food
  10. Quilted Northern, Charmin, Cottonelle toilet paper