№ 75 Doctor Who Moments

Melissa and Brian continue Doctor Who month by discussing their favorite moments from Doctor Who.

Show Notes (expand)


  1. Tenth Doctor realizes all the missing planets are connected. (The Stolen Earth)
  2. Eleventh Doctor time travels back to The Time of Angels episode (The Big Bang)
  3. Eleventh Doctor realizes all the statues in the cavern are Weeping Angels (The Time of Angels)
  4. Doctor and Donna see each other through glass (Partners in Crime)
  5. Van Gogh travels to the future and finds out what his legacy will be. (Vincent and The Doctor)
  6. "Everybody lives, Rose. Just this once. Everybody lives!" (The Doctor Dances)
  7. Telling Rose goodbye / Donna appears on TARDIS (Doomsday)
  8. The Doctor Wakes Up (The Christmas Invasion)
  9. Eleven regenerates (The Time of the Doctor)
  10. The Doctor has relived this day for billions of years to protect his secret (Heaven Sent)


  1. Last of the Time Lords, Jack Harkness reveals he is the Face of Bo.
  2. Missy and the Master kill each other (The Doctor Falls)
  3. The TARDIS dematerializes around Sally and Larry, and the Weeping Angels are waiting (Blink)
  4. Donna finally finds the Doctor, and they communicate through a window (Partners in Crime)
  5. 9th Doctor discovers a Dalek. For the first time we see him display hatred, maniacal intensity, joy in another's pain. (Dalek)
  6. The Doctor sees all of his life as a human, and has to choose to give it up (The Family of Blood)
  7. Vincent van Gogh hearing how people love his work (Vincent and the Doctor)
  8. Amy and Rory jump off the roof (The Angels Take Manhattan)
  9. The Doctor reading Madame de Pompadour's note after her death (The Girl in the Fireplace)
  10. Pete Tyler telling Rose he never was around for her (Father's Day)