№ 153 Flight of the Conchords Songs FEAT. Colten Jernigan

Brian and special guest Colten Jernigan share their love of New Zealand comedy musical duo Flight of the Conchords by listening to their ten favorite songs.

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  1. Robots

  2. Father and Son

  3. Not Crying

  4. Business Time

  5. Think About It

  6. Bus Driver's Song

  7. Hurt Feelings

  8. Summer Of 1353

  9. The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)

  10. Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros


  1. Friends

  2. Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)

  3. We're Both in Love with a Sexy Lady

  4. Carol Brown

  5. Bus Driver's Song

  6. Not Crying

  7. Think About It

  8. Jenny

  9. Summer Of 1353

  10. Hurt Feelings