№ 123 Pet Names

No, not cute names for each other: the best names to give a pet. Or a working animal. Or a plant. Or anything, really, who knows what will show up on this list.

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  1. Kickaree Kee (Rooster)
  2. Chester A. Arfur (Dog)
  3. Scarlett Johamster (Hamster)
  4. Ferrets Bueller (Ferret)
  5. John Milkes Booth (Cow)


  1. Myl’oie (Mongoose)
  2. Bertie Rooster (Rooster)
  3. Harry Otter (Otter)
  4. Sir Samuel Vines (Pothos climbing vine)
  5. Bucky Barnes (Leprechaun)


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