№ 106 Studio C Videos

Melissa and Brian list their favorite videos from the sketch comedy group Studio C.

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  1. I Don't Do Mornings

  2. Fugitive Man Hunt

  3. The Microworld with Dr. Shoemaker: Chemical Reactions

  4. The School of Fashion

  5. Radio Mystery Hour Mayhem

  6. The Crayon Song Gets Ruined

  7. Taken 3 | Exclusive Trailer [HD]

  8. 18th Century Man's Man

  9. The Smiths

  10. Two Guys On A Scooter



  1. Reference Check

  2. Inside a Man's Brain

  3. 18th Century Man's Man

  4. Car Lip Sync Battle

  5. Two Guys On A Scooter

  6. Elevator Fail

  7. El Tango de Chair

  8. Ann "The Librarian" Withers

  9. Shoulder Devil

  10. Aww Yeah